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1. What type of refrigerant is used in a ductless split?

- R-410A Which has become the standard, environmentally friendly refrigerant used in residential A/C systems for North America. It is non-ozone depleting.


2. How long has ductless technology been around?

- Ductless systems were developed in Japan in the 1950’s and have since become a preferred heating and cooling system in Asia and much of Europe.

- In the United States ductless heat pumps have been used in commercial and residential applications for over 30 years.

- The technology has continued to improve over the years with the heat pumps becoming more and more energy efficient, quieter and smaller.


3. I live in a colder winter climate. Can a ductless split still be utilized?

- Yes. The new heat pumps far surpass the ability of the older models. By designing the correct system based on the published ambient temperatures for your area you will be able to comfortably heat your home during the winter months, even down to -40 Deg C for some systems.


4. What maintenance and service do ductless heat pumps require?

- The indoor wall mount filters must be kept clean. They are located directly behind the front cover in front of the evaporating coil. They need to be removed and either vacuumed or washed regularly. Some units have a smaller black charcoal filter as well, these need to be dusted off and then exposed to sunlight for at least 8 hours every 6 months in order to function correctly. The charcoal filters usually last for 24 months, then should be replaced.

-  We also recommend a complete system cleaning, which involves cleaning the blower wheel on the indoor wall mount. The frequency of this can vary as not all environments where heat pumps are installed are the same.

- The outdoor condenser needs to be cleaned regularly, especially the coil which can trap leaves, dust etc. This is flushed with a garden hose taking care not to damage the coil fins.


5. Where is the best location for the ductless system?

- Every installation is different. The best way to find out is to have an experienced design expert assess your home/ business and determine what will work the best.

- There are a number of factors to take into account like how many windows, window direction, floor plan and layout.

- For the condenser, there are minimum clearances that need to be adhered to, air flow direction, not locating near driveways or walkways and somewhere that will be aesthetically pleasing.


6. How are ductless systems more efficient than a ducted system?

- The variable speed compressor and blower motor in the wall mount reduces the power consumption compared to a fixed speed system.

- Ductless systems can be zoned which eliminates many of the problems associated with single zone systems.

- There is no thermal loss due to non-insulated ducting.

- Based upon the fact that cool air sinks and hot air rises. Central systems have a hard time getting cooling to the upper levels of a multi-level building in the summer months and heat to the lower levels in the winter months. This creates very uneven heating and cooling in a multi-level building.


7. Should I turn the system off when I leave the house?

- No. It’s unnecessary to turn the system off as this will increase energy consumption with the system working harder trying to reach the desired set room temperature.


8. Should I set the indoor head to the same temperature as my old thermostat?

- No. The old thermostat was sensing temperature at the height at which it was mounted. The ductless system senses the temperature at the wall mount. Based on the fact that heat rise and cool air drops, the best way to set the temperature is according to what feels comfortable for you.


9. Do ductless heat pumps have a carbon footprint?

- We have ductless split heat pumps that offer the lowest carbon foot print possible, especially combined with BC Hydro Electricity.

Canadian Aerothermal Facebook
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