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Canadian Aerothermal specializes in the design, supply and installation of ductless aerothermal heating and cooling systems. In many cases aerothermal technology is quickly proving itself to be the most cost effective and comfortable heating and cooling technology available.


Established in 2006, Canadian Aerothermal services the Okanagan Valley, the Kootenays, the Merrit-Kamloops area, Vancouver, Chilliwack-Hope and the Shuswap. Canadian Aerothermal has supplied thousands of systems throughout British Columbia.


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What is Aerothermal?

A limitless, natural, non-polluting, energy source

What is Aerothermal?This form of energy is based on the principle of recovering energy that is abundant in the outdoor air in order to heat or cool your home.


Energy is transmitted to your heat pump, which through thermodynamics transfers heat from where it is cold to where it is warm. The system normally reduces energy consumption while enhancing comfort.


Why an Aerothermal heating/cooling system may be right for you:


Are You Experiencing?

• Uncomfortable & uneven heating & cooling

• High energy bills

• Poor indoor air quality

• Noise pollution from your heating/cooling system

1. Efficiency:  Few systems come close to the efficiency of Aerothermal.  Aerothermal systems have more superior heating/cooling distribution than traditional or geothermal forced air systems.  At 0 Deg C, operational heating efficiencies can exceed 400%.  At -20 Deg C, operational heating efficiencies can exceed 200%.


2. Comfort:  The system provides even heating and cooling.  Air cleaning is standard on Aerothermal systems.


3. Sound-levels: Indoor units are quieter than ceiling fans.  The outdoor unit is rated at sound levels of 1/100 of most conventional heat pumps.  You can actually sit beside the outdoor unit while in full operation and carry on a normal conversation.


4. Ease of installation:  No big mess…especially when compared with replacing electric baseboard systems with a central (ducted) system.


5. Zoning:  Each indoor unit is individually controlled, allowing for maximum comfort and efficiency.  A choice of several sizes and types of distribution units maximizes system flexibility.  Why pay to heat or cool areas that no one is occupying?

6. Economy of Floor Space:  No need for a dedicated furnace room or loss of overhead space for traditional bulky ductwork.


7. Safety:  No combustion products (carbon monoxide).  Aerothermal systems uses environmentally friendly refrigerant.  If replacing window units with the Aerothermal system, security is improved.


8. Cost:  Aerothermal systems typically cost less to install than ducted systems.  This is especially true when the total cost is compared (i.e. the system cost plus the clean-up cost).

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