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Your Guide to Flexible Financing Options for Heat Pumps!

Take control of your comfort without breaking the bank

Unlock Affordable Comfort: Your Guide to Flexible Financing Options for Heat Pumps!

Our experts are here to help you find the best deal for whatever your situation may be. From rebates to financing we have all the information you need!
For more information please contact our Head Office or apply for a loan directly through Finance It.

Warranty Program

Mitsubishi Electric: 10 years parts, 10 years compressor** (residential & commercial)

The manufacturer warranty is NOT a Canadian Aerothermal warranty. Canadian Aerothermal implements the manufacturer warranty according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Each manufacturer has its own warranty. Some of the system components (lineset, insulation, etc.) are supplied by Canadian Aerothermal and have a two-year workmanship warranty.

The Canadian Aerothermal 6 year labour warranty covers 100% of the labour for the first two years and 50% of the labour for the next 4 years. The remaining 50% is billed to the client. This is for residential installations. There is no labour warranty for commercial installations. This only applies to warranty work performed by Canadian Aerothermal, and does not cover regular maintenance of the units.

Improper equipment use and/or lack of cleaning may void the warranty. The warranty does not cover power-induced damage (i.e., surge, lightning, vandalism, etc.).

**When installed by a MEQ-certified HVAC Installer. Certain conditions, restrictions, and/or limitations apply. See warranty terms and conditions for complete details.

Please note: the compressor is one of the components of the outdoor unit and not the entire outdoor unit.

If you have any questions please call Head Office at (877) 663-8287

The Cold Climate Heat Pump Advantage

Zuba-Central and Zuba-Multi with Hyper-Heat Plus

The most advanced Heat Pump technology for delivering exceptional heating performance.

Keep Warm This Winter: Inverter technology designed for harsh Canadian Winters

Low-ambient heating is where most heat pumps struggle. For a heat pump to provide heat when the mercury gets ultra-low is no easy task. Thankfully, the Hyper-Heat Plus Technology, fueling the Zuba and FS model, delivers 100% heating performance at -20°C, and can operate efficiently in temperatures as low as -30°C. On the coldest of days, you can experience elevated indoor comfort.